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Comprehensive NDA Management

AST’s Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Manager automates and accelerates the process of requesting, generating, reviewing, approving, and tracking NDA agreements with suppliers, customers, clients, and partners. It is a tool developed specifically for managing NDAs, which can be tailored to specific contract process or processes. The Adaptive NDA Application is a critical tool in protecting your company’s Intellectual Property and Technology.

Key Features

Configurable signature routing of NDAs based on your processes.
Smart Questionnaire ensures the right NDA is generated every time.
Integrated eSignatures make finalizing agreements fast and easy.
Consistently current NDAs with expiration tracking and reminders.

Customized to your NDA needs

The right NDA every time

NDA Manager contains a smart questionnaire, that allows precise generation of the specific NDA needed such as unilateral/one-way, mutual/two-way, end use, non-disclosure, non-compete, or precedent confidentiality agreements.

Configurable NDA review process

Easily manage NDAs whether partnering on cutting edge development, demoing a proprietary system, or bringing on new employees and contractors.  Choose a simple submit and sign approach or automated routing through multiple reviews, edits, and approvals by internal and external Legal teams.

Customize NDA language to your needs

The system comes equipped with our vetted NDA forms or you can use the specific language or documents provided by your legal team.  The system even allows you to import NDAs from customers or partners who prefer to use their own forms.

Data merged directly into the NDA

NDA Manager can take information gathered by the smart questionnaire like IP type, and disclosing and receiving party name, title, contact information, and organizational details, and merge it directly into the appropriate NDA template, saving time and preventing mistakes.

Integrated negotiation process

You can manage the entire negotiation process right in the application. Internal and External parties can redline existing documents or upload new ones so Legal teams can review, compare, and update versions until mutual agreement is reached.

Compliance review option

Do you collaborate with offshore vendors, partners, governments, or customers? Adaptive NDA has a built in option to initiate Compliance, Export Control or any additional reviews. Sensitive or technical data and ITAR controlled information can be marked for review by additional reviewers so they can ensure the appropriate licensing and agreements are in place.

Streamline and Simplify NDA Management

Version history and change comparisons

The system automatically captures document change and version history including who changed it and when. And, it provides easy side-by-side comparison between any of the different versions so you can easily see what changed.

Instant NDA retrieval and reporting

A searchable NDA Database allows you to quickly find and report on NDAs by a variety of elements such as:
• Client, partner, or customer name
• Technology or IP type
• Export Control Requirements
• Start or Expiration date

Integrated eSignatures

Do you find yourself wasting time (and ink) with the print-sign-scan-email dance?  With NDA Manager’s integrated eSignature function you’ll save time, ink, and headaches.

Negotiation process notifications

Legal advisors, contractors, customers, partners, and other third party users receive email notification when the documents are ready for review and signature.

Real-time collaboration

NDA Manager has a unique Live Edit tool which allows multiple people from the legal department to work in a document at the same time. No need to email documents back and forth. Multi-locational collaboration is easy with real-time updates appearing instantly, allowing teams to view, discuss, and update documents simultaneously. And, changes are saved directly to the application, making version control a breeze.

Centralized documentation

With NDA Manager’s discussion feature, you can attach related documentation, generate and store internal and external email communication, and keep internal discussion related to a specific NDA for easy access right with the contract. You can also link a renewal to an expired NDA for ease of reference.

Proactively manage expiring NDAs

Don’t let your NDAs get lost in the shuffle.  Ensure you renew all NDAs with your partners, suppliers, employees, and customers in a timely manner. NDA Manager has built in dashboards and reports which facilitate proactive renewals and archiving.