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Consistent, Complete CDRL Data and Delivery Management

In today’s fast paced defense contracting environment it can be difficult to manage complex, and often changing, CDRL delivery requirements.  Data Managers need an easy way to schedule submissions, facilitate deliverable reviews, track submissions and dispositions, manage the process from start to finish, and quickly and easily report status to their IPTs.  That’s where AST’s CDRL Manager comes in.  With built in features like due date calculation, delivery tracking, automated reminders, review and approval workflows, and metric reporting CDRL  Manager helps ensure on-time submission of your CDRL deliverables to your government customers, every time.

Key Features

Automated due date calculations ensure your submittals and resubmittals are delivered on time, every time.
Delivery and disposition tracking allows you to stay on top of every submittal for every program, easily.
Flexible review and approval routings allow you to get the data out for review and back for submittal or resubmittal quickly.
Change management  configurations help you keep track of who changed what, and when.

Smart Due Date Management

Whether you have a milestone based delivery like a PDR or Flight Test, or periodic CDRL deliverables such as monthly or quarterly cost and schedule DIDs, the system allows you to schedule and manage them efficiently.  It’s designed with automatic due date calculations based on subject matter or deliverable type, and even allows for per-delivery due date offsets.  It also takes into consideration weekend adjustments and anticipated government response dates.

CDRL Review Process

The system has the option for flexible approval routing which sends data item approval requests to the correct DM, PM, IPT, and department managers based on your business processes and elements such as Program, Customer, Data Type, and Designated Approval Roles. The system also has the option to share the draft submittals with your customer for reviews and edits prior to the formal submission.

Submission Tracking

No more complicated and cumbersome spreadsheets.  With built in dashboards and reporting, Data Managers, PMs, and IPTs can know at a glance what government contract deliverables are coming up, which ones have been submitted, those that have been rescheduled, and which ones are past due and require immediate expediting.

Government Disposition Tracking

The system tracks all the documentation and government responses including status tracking like sent, acknowledged receipt, approved with comments, and closed.

Delivery Rescheduling

Not every program goes exactly as originally planned.  With automated due date calculations, submittals and re-submittal delivery dates are instantly modified to reflect milestone date changes, changes due to contract mods, rejection/resubmittal changes, as well as contract requirements for resubmittals.

Rejection/Resubmittal Management

If a CDRL submittal has been rejected, the system is configured to require a reject reason. It also tracks submittal change history and automatically recalculates new submittal due dates.  You’re even given a reporting option that covers the most common reasons for rejection, which facilitates process improvements.

Full Lifecycle Data Management

Now you can manage all your contract data for all programs in one system with need-to-know controlled access to individual programs and data types.  From initial RFP through contract win, including contract modifications, and CDRL deliverables down to the individual DID items and contract milestones, all your data, documents, and history is in one place.  User data is also easy to add or modify, with one change instantly propagated throughout the application.

Metric Reporting and Management

Simplify your reporting to IPTs, Customers, and department managers with built in Metric tracking and reporting capabilities.  Built in search and report features allow you to access all your program data and deliverables quickly and easily. Instantly generate reports, which are exportable to Excel, for key program metrics such as:

  • *Pending CDRL Submissions
  • *Overdue Deliverables
  • *Delay and Reject Reasons

Change Control

The system tracks changes to both documents and data.  Whether someone adds, deletes, or modifies a document, updates a DID description, or changes a submission due date, the system logs who changed what and when.  

Customized Data Requirements

With CDRL Manager you get to decide what information is needed, when it should be entered, and whether or not it’s required based on your specific company, program, or contract needs.