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Modern and Unified Operational Change Management System

The Adaptive Change Management (ACM) application for Manufacturing provides oversight and enforcement of change management standards over documentation, procedures, and policies associated with manufacturing processes. The ACM for Manufacturing application is used by local and global manufactures to increase quality and safety of products. Use of ACM for Manufacturing leads to lower manufacturing costs. The ACM application is configurable to your exact needs including approval and change management requirements, manufacturing/product lines, facilities, and plants. With the increased reliance on global manufacturing, ACM application is the perfect solution to maintain quality standards across all your manufacturing facilities,  plants, and operational processes.

Key Features

Consistent Quality Standards across all products, facilities, plants, and processes.
Smart Questionnaire collects all the necessary change request data quickly and easily.
Intelligent workflows route reviews and approvals based upon data collected during Change Request submission.
Trial Management allows you to manage customer trials or implement temporary change requests to see the effects of new process improvement ideas.

Maintain Quality Standards

* Browser based software allows teams across the globe to interact with the approval process.

* Intelligent rules and distributions automatically notify and involve the teams affected by the Change Request.

Increase Facility/Plant/Employee Safety

Increase the safety of your employees, facilities, and equipment by having an effective change management and quality process that keeps people knowledgeable of the correct procedures and processes.

Consistent Change and Knowledge Management

Apply Change Management and Knowledge Management on every process or procedure that is important to you including equipment handling, maintenance, product manufacturing procedures, chemical handling, situational procedures, safety procedures, or any other documented process or procedure.

Streamline Review & Approval Processes

* Automate Change Request submissions using intelligent forms that ask the relevant questions to gather needed information.

* Streamline Review and Approval processes using intelligent workflows that route based upon data collected during Change Request submission.

Automated Process Updates

* ACM provides automatic distribution of approvals and updating of documents so that relevant people know about the approved changes to documentation and procedures.

Reduce Burdens and Increase Efficiencies

* Eliminate paper associated with change management.

* Quickly find relevant information with only the latest and correct information being made available.

Temporary Changes and Trial Management

* Utilize Temporary Change Requests to see the effects of new ideas or trials.

* Temporary Changes can be set to expire so that normal procedures can take effect.