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Efficient, Reliable Content Supervision in a Secure, Traceable Environment

iZon Compliance is a powerful, information archive independent, electronic message surveillance and supervisory control application that uses powerful meaning-based lexicon searches and random methodologies to more effectively flag email communications, attachments and other electronic message types for FINRA regulatory compliance. iZon‘s power and advantage is that it is a more efficient supervision application that excels at reducing false-positives, minimizing duplicates, reducing the time it takes to accomplish a day’s worth of message  reviews while zeroing in on potential violations.

Within iZon, compliance teams are able to easily group search lists for securities trading or customer complaints and construct very targeted searches with the ability to distribute workloads.  In addition to daily review requirements, teams are able to rapidly create lists to monitor top producers or specific agent accounts based on ad-hoc requirements.

Key Features

Information archive independent: Can supervise directly from the Microsoft Exchange server or O365 cloud SaaS email service or via standard API integration connection.
Integration with other internal systems to automate the supervisory processes.
Flexible collaboration and escalation capabilities when action needs to be taken on messages that violate corporate policy.
Audit proof reporting of every action taken from the moment a message was flagged to be supervised to conclusion of the message supervision process.

Designed to meet the electronic communication requirements and rules of FINRA, SEC, NASD and NYSE

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), as the independent regulator for all securities firms, requires that communications and correspondence between registered representatives and the public receive supervisory review pursuant to rule 3110 and 3120.

It’s no surprise that, given the sheer volume of information requiring oversight and the fragmented archiving systems many companies rely on, even firms with systems in place from their information archive vendor, are missing potential violations and incurring fines.

United States federal securities laws and self-regulatory organization (SRO) requires regulated financial services companies to establish systems and procedures to supervise electronic communications.

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Rule 342 [2] requires members to implement supervisory policies and procedures.

FINRA Compliant

Email correspondence is captured and retained in accordance with Rules 3110 & 3120. The names of the persons who prepared the outgoing correspondence and those who reviewed the correspondence are recorded.

Federal and Financial Compliance

With iZon you know you’re covered.  Implement your supervisory policies and procedures with our automated electronic communication supervision.

Robust Rules Engine

iZon Compliance searches archives daily for potential infractions, using a Rules Engine based on the organization’s policies and trigger keywords and phrases. Flagged content is sent to legal, HR or compliance reviewers as appropriate, along with a message about why the message triggered review.

Audit-Proof Oversight

iZon’s customizable reporting, dashboards, and metrics, provide quick and easy audit-proof oversight of all the supervision processes. Detailed reporting of all supervision actions taken helps ensure that the review and supervision process has been consistently accomplished.

Beyond Compliance

iZon Compliance focuses on improving the actual processes and tasks of actually accomplishing the message supervision.  These workflow improvements go beyond what the regulators require and make the effort of message supervision easier to do along with more affordable to accomplish.  One needs to see it demonstrated to truly appreciate how it is better than your current message supervision application!

Intuitive User Interface

Compliance reviewers or independent regulatory auditors can view the messages and attachments in question via an intuitive interface, enter comments and document that the review has been completed. Their actions and notes are preserved in an audit trail to demonstrate adherence to procedures and comply with FINRA recommendations.

Smart Searches

Customizable meaning and lexicon-based search patterns significantly reduce false positives and duplicates for more accurate and relevant monitoring results. This helps reviewers stay on top of the volume of communications that require their attention and allows them to complete more reviews in a timelier manner.

Automated content flagging and routing

Adaptable, automated referral processes directly flags content into workflows based on reason codes, eliminating the need for manual escalation and review.

Client Specific Warnings

Auto generation and distribution of client specific PDF warning letters to flagged employees with a click of the mouse.

Multi-Department notifications

iZon has the ability to efficiently refer issues to multiple departments:

  • * Has the employee been involved in other violations or firm litigation? (Legal)
  • * Is the employee’s required regulatory certification to conduct his job currently valid? (HR)

Bulk review capabilities

Stop reviewing emails one at a time.  iZon’s bulk review capabilities allow multiple items to be reviewed and annotated at once, minimizing duplication of effort.

Microsoft O365 Exchange Compatible

iZon is one of the few electronic communication supervisory control applications that can run natively with Microsoft O365 Exchange Online cloud SaaS service.  

Multi-System Integration Option

Ability to integrate with internal and external systems for more complete monitoring of relevant employee information as it relates to the flagged electronic content.

Language-translation option

Our reliable language-translation option is available and ideal for global organizations.