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Seamless, Secure Migrations

Whether you are upgrading an on premise archive or going to the cloud, we move data reliably, with a secure chain of custody, to ensure your information integrity is defensible. The team at Atlantic Software Technologies has been accomplishing the migration of unstructured data from numerous proprietary information archives since 1995.  Information migrations for firms in regulated industries require a rigorous control of the migration process to maintain a secure chain of custody during the migration. Business does not stop during a migration, and at AST our migration specialists bridge the gap to still provide access, while an active migration is being accomplished. The bottom line is with migration services from Atlantic Software Technologies we make sure your data migration is safely accomplished in a compliant and defensible manner.

Key Features

  • Protect the viability and integrity of information archives as they move between different platforms and technologies.
  • Utilize modern, cloud-based, regulatory compliant information archives.
  • Leverage AST’s significant experience to analyze both the source and target systems to develop a migration effort.
  • Data security ensured in a compliant and defensible manner to ensure we protect the integrity of your valuable content.


Email and Electronic Communications Archive Migrations

Clients in regulated industries have been forced to maintain separate and secure archives of their electronic communications to be in compliance for many years.  Like any IT system, these archives need to be upgraded every X number of years, when the hardware and operating systems they run on get long in the tooth.  This type of upgrade requires the archive data to be carefully migrated from the old on premise hardware platform to the new.

Enter the option of Software as a Service (SaaS) or often called The Cloud.  In the information archive space there has been explosive growth of vendors, many of whom we represent, that offer state of the art information (email plus other social communications) archiving platforms in the cloud as a service.  These modern, cloud based, regulatory compliant information archives provide a very compelling option for firm’s considering an upgrade of their older on premise archive.  But with every decision to transition one’s regulatory compliant archive to the cloud, comes the difficult and often underestimated task of migrating your regulated content from your proprietary current archive to the new selected vendors archive.

Atlantic Software Technologies is deeply experienced in participating in accomplishing these migrations and in doing so we proudly represent TransVault ( ).  TransVault Software is an independent software vendor dedicated to helping organizations protect the viability and integrity of their information archives as they move between different platforms and technologies.  As a certified TransVault partner Atlantic Software Technologies can perform secure migrations for the following platforms:

  • Veritas / Symantec Enterprise Vault
  • Microsoft Exchange On Premise / Office 365 Exchange Online SaaS service
  • HP Autonomy ACA ( Autonomy Consolidated Archive)
  • HP Autonomy EAS ( Zantaz )
  • HP Autonomy Message Manager ( Computer Associates Message Manager or CAMM)
  • HP Autonomy NearPoint ( Mimosa)
  • Iron Mountain Digital Archive
  • EMC SourceOne
  • EMC ( Legato ) EmailXtender
  • Assentor Mailbox Manager ( iLumin )
  • Dell / Quest Archive Manager

  • Metalogix Archive Manager
  • OpenText IXOS for Exchange
  • Unify Daegis AXS-One for Exchange
  • NSF
  • IBM
  • Actiance
  • Smarsh
  • Global Relay
  • Proofpoint
  • Mimecast
  • Any cloud archive vendor that supports ingestion via PST

Enterprise Content Management System Migrations

Like the migration of emails, the migration of “content” (Images, Documents and Data) from one proprietary content management system to another can be a complex process and time consuming endeavor. Whether due to a merger/acquisition, a Divestiture or because you are retiring an older content management system, you will need help.  Atlantic Software Technologies has significant experience to analyze both the source and target systems to develop a migration effort that will not only get the job done efficiently.  We pride ourselves in providing a bridge that still allows access to the data during the migration.

Firms in regulated industries are compelled to AST because our resources will not simply migrate your content. We do so with a high priority on making sure your migration is accurately accomplished in a compliant and defensible manner to ensure we protect the integrity of your valuable content.  With an average of 20 years designing and implementing Document Management, Image Management and Collaborative Information Management solutions, our consultants can design a Content Migration solution that meets the needs of your business.

Some of our Migration specialties include:

  • Very Large Content, Image and Data Migrations
  • Specialized Image Processing and PDF Generation
  • Full Text Searchable PDF Generations from Scanned Documents
  • Parallel Data Processing for Large Migrations
  • Embedded Document Link Conversion

  • External System Link Management
  • Compliance Segregations and Record Retention Processing
  • Meta-Data Generation from Content and Folder Structures
  • Direct Interfaces with Optical Jukeboxes and Systems
  • Exception Workflows and Processing

Some of the system that we have experience in are listed below:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • BOX
  • IBM Content Manager
  • FileNet Image Services
  • IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager
  • IBM FileNet P8 Image Manager

  • IBM Content Foundation
  • Global 360 KeyFile Imaging
  • EMC Documentum
  • ViewStar
  • Watermark Software