Migrating Existing Content and Data to Microsoft Sharepoint

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Migration of a system is a daunting task. It is can be overbearing when the system you are migrating from is an active use system with large volumes of content and data. In many cases, content and data needs to be converted to address the way the information will be utilized or retrieved in target systems.

Microsoft SharePoint provides capabilities to simplify management of information previously stored in network drives, document management systems, databases and image management systems. However, with such flexibility comes limitations, and restrictions that require proper planning and design. From Folder Item restrictions to content type compatibilities to list management and security, there are many things that can make migrations difficult if not impossible.

Atlantic Software Technologies has been involved in countless data migrations for over a decade. We have migrated some of the largest and active systems. We do Fixed Cost Migrations which are unheard of in today's consulting world. As a result we share risk and reward with you. Our Migration Consultants are experts in Designing, Planning, and Execution of migrations and conversions. We have successfully completed migrations with over 50 tera-bytes of data encompassing hundreds of millions of documents. Some of our Migration specialties include:

  • Very Large Content, Image and Data Migrations
  • Specialized Image Processing and PDF Generation
  • Full Text Searchable PDF Generations from Scanned Documents
  • Parallel Data Processing for Large Migrations
  • Embedded Document Link Conversion
  • External System Link Management
  • Compliance Segregations and Record Retention Processing
  • Meta-Data Generation from Content and Folder Structures
  • Direct Interfaces with Optical Jukeboxes and Systems
  • Exception Workflows and Processing

Some of the systems we have migrated to/from are:
* FileNet Content Services
* FileNet Image Services
* FileNet P8 Content Manager
* FileNet P8 Image Manager
* Global 360 KeyFile Imaging
* EMC Documentum
* NexPrise
* SAROS Document Manage
* ViewStar
* Watermark Software