InfoSphere Content Collector for Email


Content Collector for Email helps organizations gain control of email to better meet legal obligations, connect email to business processes & manage storage space.

Collect. Control. Comply. Learn more.
Based on a modular, extensible architecture, it enables organizations to gain control over their Lotus® Domino® and Microsoft® Exchange E-mail Servers.

* Uses smart archiving and deduplication to help reduce runaway storage costs.
* Centralizes policy management enabling common rules and policies across all content
* Provides automated, policy-driven e-mail collection and archiving using ZeroClick technology, with journaling and manual options also available
* Enables flexible routing or processing of internal, external and custom instructions with task routing architecture
* Connects and archives e-mail and attachments and inserts them into a business process
* Prompts users for custom metadata during manual email capture
* Enables users to search, view, restore and retain their e-mail which has been collected and archived
* Brings agility in responding to litigation, investigations, audit and information inquiries using eDiscovery Manager and eDiscovery Analyzer
* Dynamically declares collected content as a record using Enterprise Records
* Makes classification decisions on-the-fly based on metadata using Classification Module