Advance Case Management with IBM Case Manager


IBM Case Manager unites information, process, and people to provide a 360-degree view of case information and achieve optimized outcomes.

With Case Manager, knowledge workers can extract critical case information through integrated business rules, collaboration, and analytics -- all of which enhance decision making ability and leads to more successful case outcomes. Case Manager:

  • Provides a foundation for capturing organizational best practices through templates and an extensible infrastructure for meeting specific vertical and horizontal needs, reducing the time-to-value. Leveraging modern Web 2.0 concepts, dynamic case-oriented applications can be assembled or reassembled from components, fostering reuse and rapid deployment.
  • Improves time-to-value through business user focused design capabilities, including reusable templates and interview-style interfaces for case construction.
  • Capitalizes on organizationally established business process management facilities. Case workers can easily create and participate in ad-hoc workflow as well as structured processes.
  • Empowers knowledge workers with real-time and historical case metrics as well as integrated sentiment and content analysis to optimize case workloads and help remediate situations affecting cases.
  • Provides sophisticated decision management capabilities through a simplified and integrated business rules management approach.
  • Maximizes case worker productivity by simplifying collaboration through integrated social networking and communications capabilities.