IBM System Storage N series with SnapLock Compliance and SnapLock Enterprise


The challenge: complying with strict records retention and performance requirements

Organizations today face increasingly strict regulations relative to records retention that require the archiving of e-mails, documents, patient records, design files, audit information, and other data for years, often on WORM (write once, read many) media. In addition, companies are increasingly implementing rigorous best practices to ensure that unregulated but crucial reference data is not changed or deleted and can be quickly and easily retrieved.

In today's world, government and internal records requests frequently combine highly specific search criteria with tight response times, and failure to accurately retrieve the required unaltered records may result in significant financial penalties or damage to reputation. However, current WORM technologies based on optical disk and tape do not provide sufficiently rapid access.
Solution: IBM System Storage N series with SnapLock Compliance and SnapLock Enterprise Software

The SnapLock function is designed to deliver high performance and high-security data function to disk-based nearline and primary IBM System Storage N series storage. The SnapLock function can help manage the permanence, accuracy, integrity, and security of data by storing business records in an inalterable form and allowing for their rapid online accessibility for long periods of time.


* Fast WORM storage on magnetic disk - High-performance, non-rewritable, non-erasable disk storage protects data until a specified retention date.
* Open solution using standard protocols - Leverages industry-standard CIFS and NFS protocols to support easy data access and application integration.
* Flexible and robust compliant data protection - Supports fully compliant replication between WORM volumes on IBM TotalStorage N series and nearline and primary storage systems.