Our History

The core AST team has been working together for over 14 years. Our team was initially part of a large computer hardware reseller in the mid-90's. We focused on custom development services and FileNet Image and Content Services related document and process automations. From 1996 till today, we have been a FileNET/IBM ValueNet partner. In addition, we were among the very few who performed large scale Document and Image Migrations directly from Optical and WORM media. With our parent company, we were also in the forefront of the e-business initiatives. During this time, we developed ideas like E3 and iXML to support those visions. The E3 concept envisioned using Enterprise Content Management along with Enterprise Process Management to help e-Business efforts. The iXML concept noticed that if process intelligence is associated with XML data, it alleviates many of the data and process integration and automation problems common in people focused data and process automation systems.

Some of Our Customers




In 2001, we became Atlantic Software Technologies and continued to provide high quality ECM and BPM software and services. We developed the concept of Adaptive software framework that would reduce software code in deployment of server side processes. We worked with Artificial Intelligence tools to help people with business decision making. We continued our work in the Information Management and business process automation technologies while working with complex custom development solutions including Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Financial Deal Management and large scale migrations. Our migration expertise expanded to email systems due to the increased regulatory demands in the financial industry. During this time frame, we also launched our Adaptive Scan and Adaptive OCR products.

Over the next few years, the concepts of E3, iXML, Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive software came together. In 2005, we offered the Adaptive Workspace software with the capabilities to rapidly configure, deploy and modify process automation applications without deploying software code to the servers. In 2005-2006, Adaptive Workspace was chosen as the only Secure 3-Tier Application platform for deployment in the DMZ with one of the largest Defense Contractor. The process orchestration technology within Adaptive Workspace was further expanded to support manufacturing processes including support for process driven robotics.

With the arrival of Virtualization technologies, we were at the forefront designing and developing Virtualized solutions. We implemented IBM P8 solutions in the virtual VMWare environment while supporting stringent regulatory compliance and providing active failover and disaster recovery.

Over the last few years we have continued to develop new capabilties and solutions in the Adaptive Workspace framework. We offer Adaptive Applications for various business verticals that are highly configurable and fully supported by us. We also offer support for cloud computing for almost all of our offerings.

Today, we serve as trusted advisors in some of the largest companies to guide them in implementing solutions involving business process automation, supplier management, virtualization, DMZ security, Export Controls, Complex Storage solutions, and regulatory compliance.

  • We continue to build, migrate and install Information Management software.
  • We are a premier Systems Engineering, Supplier Management and Safety software provider for Manufacturing, and Aerospace and Defense industries.
  • We are a leader in Compliance Management for the financial industry.
  • We remain a results-driven company attracting the best brains and hearts from all walks of life.