Email Migration and Conversion Services

Email archival systems are based on a proprietary set of software technologies specific to each solution vendor. This makes it difficult or even impossible to migrate the emails without investing in custom programming or additional software licenses. As a result, in-house solutions often fail to properly extract the Emails from the source application or fail to properly format the Emails for import into the target application, exposing your organization to compliance or regulatory penalties. Email Systems

Atlantic Software Technologies has successfully installed and migrated over 25 tera-bytes of Emails, Bloomberg Messages, CBS Market Watch and Instant Messages from a range of Email Archive Software Vendors. Whether your Emails are stored on magnetic, Tape, WORM or Optical platters, we have the experience and resources necessary to design, implement and manage your Email Archive migration solution. Some of the Email Systems that we have worked with are listed below:

* Patron Systems Policy Bridge
* iLumin Assentor
* FileNet Email Manager (EMM)
* Iron Mountain Digital Archive
* Microsoft Exchange
* Yaletown Technology Group eCW
* Zantaz EAS