Content, Image and Data Migrations

Like the migration of Emails, the migration of Content (Images, Documents and Data) from one Content Management System to another can be an expensive and complex process. Whether due to Merger/Acquisition or because you are retiring an aged Content Management system, you will need Atlantic Software Technologies' help to analyze both the source and target systems.



AST has the experience and resources to successfully migrate your content. With an average of 10 years designing and implementing Document Management, Image Management and Collaborative Information Management solutions, our consultants can design a Content Migration solution that meets the needs of your business.

Some of our Migration specialties include:

  • Very Large Content, Image and Data Migrations
  • Specialized Image Processing and PDF Generation
  • Full Text Searchable PDF Generations from Scanned Documents
  • Parallel Data Processing for Large Migrations
  • Embedded Document Link Conversion
  • External System Link Management
  • Compliance Segregations and Record Retention Processing
  • Meta-Data Generation from Content and Folder Structures
  • Direct Interfaces with Optical Jukeboxes and Systems
  • Exception Workflows and Processing

Some of the system that we have experience in are list below:

* Microsoft Sharepoint
* FileNet Content Services
* FileNet Image Services
* FileNet P8 Content Manager
* FileNet P8 Image Manager
* Global 360 KeyFile Imaging
* EMC Documentum
* NexPrise
* SAROS Document Manage
* ViewStar
* Watermark Software