Adaptive Non-Disclosure Agreement Management


Adaptive Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) Application automates and accelerates the process of requesting, generating, reviewing, approving, and tracking NDA agreements with suppliers and customers. It is an example of how Adaptive Contracts Automation can be tailored to a specific contract process. The NDA application utilizes a smart electronic questionnaire to allow authorized users to provide details. The questions are configurable so that data classification, IP, technical data and other relevant questions can be asked. Using configurable smart rules, the system automatically generates applicable agreements as MS Word Documents for the review of Legal Department. In addition to Legal review, the agreement and its details can also be reviewed by Export Control or other relevant departments. The Adaptive NDA Application is a critical tool in protecting your company’s Intellectual Property and Technology.

  • NDA Request Form
  • Formrule


Streamline NDA Generation Process
* Using the electronic questionnaire and configurable rules, applicable agreements are automatically generated.
* The agreements are pre-filled with details provided on the original questionnaire.
* The agreement templates are managed as MS Word or MS Excel Documents for ease of editing and management.

Track Approval History
* All the reviews and approval by applicable parties is available with every NDA.
* All changes and versions of the agreements, including signed copies are available in one place.

Reduce Burdens and Turnaround Time
* Reduce the cost of generating NDA by automating it.
* Increase business efficiency

Track Expiring NDAs
* One or more reminders can be configured so that Expiring NDAs can be renewed if needed.

Protect Intellectual Property & Technology
* With the Adaptive questionnaire, all required and applicable questions are answered by the requestor so that critical information is not missed.

Inhouse or In the Cloud
* Flexible and affordable pricing and deployment models fit every size and type of business.

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