Adaptive Contracts Management


Adaptive Contracts Management (ACM) application allows Legal departments a way to increase their operating efficiencies and customer satisfaction without increasing headcount. In order to achieve this goal, ACM application utilizes Imaging, Workflow, Collaboration, Document Generation and Content Management technologies. ACM application supports legal departments that manage any of the contracts and information like:
  • U.S. Government Contracts
  • Domestic Contracts
  • International Contracts
  • Export Licensing
  • Litigation Records
  • General Council Records
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
Contracts Management Department

Streamline and Simplify Contract Review Processes
* Workflows specific to various contract types
* Rules based automatic routing that can adapt to changing processes
* Revisions and Version history

Reduce Burdens and Eliminate Repetitive or Tedious Tasks
* Automatically create initial contract documents from MS Word and MS Excel based document templates
* Automatically embed contract party names in the initial contract documents
* Perform OCR functions on paper document and allow full-text search of entire contract repository
* Automatic Contract Expiration Tracking and Workflow
* Version Comparison with Black/Red Lining

Increase Effectiveness and Accuracy of Communications
* Contract specific parallel discussions for easy collaboration
* Template based emails for formal notifications with automatically embedded data

Reduce or Eliminate Paper Use
* Acquire and Manage paper documents using emails, multi-function printers and web uploads
* Use familiar Microsoft Office tools to edit contract documents

Locate Information easily and quickly
* Retrieve contracts easily using Contract Numbers, Involved Party Names, Expiration Dates, Contract Types and other applicable data
* Google-like searches with results containing document abstracts
* Organize contracts and related data in ways that best fit your needs

Outsourcing Ready
* Allow outsourced-legal-help access to targeted documents and information from anywhere in the world
* Highly secure (in use by Defense Contractors) web browser based document review and editing
* Feel safe about outsourcing document review steps to cheaper offshore alternatives
* Track outsourced activities and report on usage and quality


The ACM application ensures complete compliance with discovery in litigation work. In addition, the ACM application captures all business functions including contract creation, review, approval, close-outs, distribution, expiration tracking and renewals.

The ACM application is used by small and large organizations alike. Whether you are part of a legal firm or part of a large corporation, the ACM application will surely reduce burdens, increase efficiency, and reduce cost in your organization.


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