Adaptive FINRA EMAIL Review System


The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) as the independent regulator for all securities firms, requires that correspondence between registered representatives and the public receive supervisory review pursuant to NASD Rule 3010(d)(2). This can prove to be a daunting task in any organization and the chance for error is great without the benefits of a robust tool set.

The Adaptive FINRA Email Review System provides a single integrated solution that permits this process to be executed flawlessly, consistently, and affordably in an easily managed solution.

  1. Email correspondence is captured and retained in accordance with Rule 3110. The names of the persons who prepared the outgoing correspondence and those who reviewed the correspondence are recorded.
  2. The ability to create keyword groups and keyword lists exists using a simple inter-face. The lists are versioned and stored each time a change is made and the following items recorded: date and time, type of change, person making the change.
  3. Generation of a daily report containing all the emails matching the keyword lists.
  4. Secure administrator level control and access.
  5. Full audit trails for regulatory compliance, including audit of searches.
  6. All email results are available using Outlook.


FINRA Application Dashboard

The Adaptive Email Review system monitors communications for compliance with corporate policy and industry regulations, and manages the lifecycle of every electronic communication from creation to deletion.
The email server passes incoming and outgoing email every night to this system where they are intercepted by a robust Rules Engine. The Rules Engine analyzes the messages against the organization's defined policy parameters and flags the appropriate ones for an auditor’s review (e.g. Legal, HR and Compliance departments) and indicates the reasons for doing so.
An auditor can then view the email in its entirety, indicate that they have completed the review and enter comments. The beauty is that all data is retained in the system and can be exported to demonstrate compliance in a FINRA audit.