Adaptive Deal Management Portal

Adaptive Deal Management Portal provides an internet enabled collaboration portal to manage opportunities and transactions related to Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategic Sourcing and Structured Finance Deals. Such deals require people from multiple teams collaborate together to make the deal or project successful. Deal Management Portal can be used for multiple deals at the same time. It supports powerful collaboration, document management, workflow, dashboard and reporting features to streamline the collaboration process.


Deal Management Portal utilizes Intelligent Security rules to make sure only the authorized users have access to the applicable data. With the use of Organizational Conflict of Interest Security management, teams can confidentially interact with anyone that is a member of an authorized team.

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The application allows members to create Projects, Events, Announcements, Actions, Links, Folders, Discussion Topics and Documents depending upon the role assigned to a member. Owning members are able to reassign Events and Actions to other team members. Project status is presented by using a color code principle and selecting Green, Yellow or Red based upon the current timeline of the project. In addition, the members are presented with discussion boards and the ability to easily email other members within the team. Users are provided secure shared access via the intranet and/or internet to collaborate with each other. Projects can be setup with default folder templates so that a standard folder structure is created along with each project. Projects can also carry additional data to allow for capturing of specific information for reporting purposes. Subscriptions allow people to get notified when projects or folders of their interest are modified.


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