Adaptive Supplier Data Management

Adaptive Supplier Data Management Application automates the scheduling, delivery, flow-down and review process associated with technical data submitted by Suppliers during the acquisition and disposition of supply parts/assemblies. Adaptive Supplier Data Management Application provides robust visual reporting and workflow status that allow management to track progress and identify bottlenecks. This application delivers a single solution for Supplier Data Management and Delivery across all programs.

Centralize all Technical Data Delivery
* One system to manage SDRLs, FYI (For Your Information,) GFI (Government Furnished Information) and other supplier submitted technical data

Efficient Communications and Accuracy of Information
* Communicate with suppliers and internal teams in item-specific discussions that are parallel but secure
* Easily track SDRLs across Programs, Product Models, Suppliers and beyond with Calendars, Dashboards and Reports
* Seamlessly works with Adaptive CDRL, Adaptive Milestone Management and Adaptive Program Collaboration Applications

Streamline and Simplify Technical Review Processes
* Rules-based system automatically determines the applicable required flow-downs, reviews and workflow including ones for Change Management, Test Plans, Drawing Changes and other applicable data types
* Rules-based distribution lists automatically notify all interested parties

Increase Supply Chain Visibility and Quality
* Increase visibility through out the supply chain
* Measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your suppliers’ processes
* Increase transparency across the supply chain to prevent costly mistakes

Simplify ITAR, and DFAR's Compliance and Disclosures
* Data Rights Assertion are entered by supplier during data submission
* All information is automatically secured to avoid any unintended disclosures
* Identify Asserted Rights incompatibility to the contractual requirements

Reduce Delays, and Cost of Tracking, Managing and Servicing Suppliers
* All related approvals, reviews, comments, attachments, and discussions are kept with the data submission
* Information flows faster across all teams reducing delays

Inhouse or In the Cloud
* Flexible and affordable pricing and deployment models fit every size and type of business

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