Adaptive Systems Access Management


Adaptive Systems Access Management (SAM) Application automates and accelerates the process of on-boarding supplier and customer team members by automating the request submission, review, and processing of login information to various systems. SAM application allows authorized users to provide user details and select the desired level of access to program systems. The review workflow can also permit any internal or customer users the ability to track the progress of the request. Once the request is approved, applicable administrators for each system are notified to create accounts in their respective systems. The AWS System Access Management Application is a critical tool in allowing large global teams to collaborate effectively toward the success of your program while giving them timely access to the systems they need.

system access bubble chart


Streamline Systems Access Management to Critical Program Systems
* Rules-Driven electronic web form captures necessary request information
* Rules-Driven Workflow routes requests to applicable program and system reviewers/owners
* Works with Badging, Security and HR systems for validation of key information like badge expiration dates
* Automates granting and removal of access

Allow all responsible parties to review Access Requests
* Involve your customer to review access to systems and track the progress of requests affecting their contract

Reduce Program Delays
* Provide people access to important systems faster while maintaining proper oversight
* Increase transparency within teams including customer and IT processes
* Know the exact stage of each request including which systems are pending administrator’s actions and which systems are completed
* Automatic Notifications, Reminders and Escalations

Reduce Burdens and Costs
* Faster access to critical systems means less idle time waiting for your program teams members


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