Adaptive Program Milestone Management

Adaptive Program Milestone Management (PMM) Application simplifies tracking of Program Milestones. The Adaptive PMM Application allows setup of Multiple Milestone lists that can be categorized and administered for each specific program. Weekly reminders can be sent to Milestone owners to review and update milestones. The Adaptive PMM Application allows various types of reports to be generated including reports that show changes from week to week allowing management to track patterns of delays or problems. The Adaptive PMM application provides management with critical insight into the progress of any program. Milestone Management

Increase Visibility
* Track Week to Week Changes
* Track any applicable Milestone Details
* Track multiple types of Milestones for Large Suppliers, Billing, Acquisition and other ways of managing Milestones
* Link data from AWS CDRL Application

Forecast Delays in Delivery and Payments
* Forecast impending affects on Cash flow, Contract Dates and Product Delivery
* Comprehensive Reporting Options including Drillable Reports and Charts
* Personalized Dashboards
* Advanced search and ad-hoc reporting

Reduce Burdens and Increase Efficiency
* MS Excel-like Collaborative Data Editing
* Quick Editing reduces time to update multiple milestones
* Milestones needing review are quickly identified and modified using the “Quick Edit” feature.
* Automatic Reminders & Reporting



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