Adaptive IDE for A&D Programs

In use since 2005 by some of the largest Aircraft development programs, Adaptive Integrated Development Environment (AIDE) is a set of unified COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) applications that satisfy the requirements of establishing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for large A&D program and contracts. As a unified and fully integrated set of applications, it is built to address the unique requirements of A&D Programs. With its focus on efficiency and data security, it is a perfect match for the budget conscious and data security focused atmosphere within A&D Contracting.

Aerospace and Defense

AIDE is a secure environment in which users create, share, configure, manage and communicate program related data. It enables Data and Program Management excellence while allowing the teams to focus on meeting their objectives. It simplifies and enhances collaboration between government, suppliers and contractor teams. Using automated data security, it eliminates mistake while providing comprehensive options to organize, share, monitor, control and report on information in the system and other data and reporting systems.

AIDE consists of six integrated Applications described below:

1. Collaboration Portal

Collaboration Portal provides a simple to use integrated environment in which users from different organizations and departments can securely share data. It provides all features typically found in enterprise class document management and collaboration systems and portal. Moreover, its strength lies in its ability to secure information using technology specifically designed for A&D Contracting process. This means that as a Collaboration Portal for your program, it can support DoD, Partners, Suppliers and your internal teams, while maintain compliance with export control policies, Organizational Conflict of Interest Security, and other program specific data control requirements. It supports strictest architecture requirements in DMZ, and supports authentication protocols like PKI and various SSO technologies.

2. Interface Control Management

Interface Control Manager (ICM) provides a single tool to review, discuss, investigate, approve and document system interface changes. This tool is used to support both suppliers and customer requested interface changes or questions. In all cases, the tool has built-in support for internal data management/export control reviews before any information is shared with suppliers marked with export control restrictions or associated license. Using automatic data security, the administrative burdens are eliminated and each Interface Control request is automatically secured depending upon the restrictions applicable to the supplier/customer. In addition, each Interface Control request is assigned an automatically managed distribution list that includes users identified for the target supplier/customer for that associated contract. All communications and changes are documented to provide simple to view chronological view of the request from submission to approval.

3. Data Accession List Management

Data Accession List Manager (DALM) automates management of DALs. Authorized users are able to request access to documents on the DAL for the applicable program. The DALM system automatically send the requests to predefined reviewers for approval. The workflow automatically routes the request as needed in parallel or sequentially. Once the request is approved the document access information is sent to the user. If the document is being managed in the DALM system then the document is automatically prepared for access by the requesting user for the allotted time. DALM tracks the allotted time and can automatically revoke document access privileges if configured do so. In addition, DALM also support requests for new documents to be added DAL and for those requests to be appropriately reviewed and handled.

4. Systems Access Manager

Systems Access Manager (SAM) automates program specific management of users for their access to specialized program, engineering and design tools. Please click here for more information.

5. CDRL Management

Adaptive CDRL Manager automates management of CDRLs (Contract Data Requirements List) for submission to government. Please click here for more information.

6. SDRL Manager

Adaptive Supplier Data Manager (ASDM) automates scheduling, review, delivery and reporting on SDRLs (Supplier Data Requirements List.) Please click here for more information.


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