Adaptive CDRL™

It’s a new era in aerospace and defense (A&D) procurement, filled with uncertainty and change. You’re called upon to wage heroic efforts to reduce costs and meet the pressing demands of systems acquisition and program management. More than ever, you need breakthrough solutions that are adaptive to your evolving needs and that fit your shifting budget paradigms.

Supported by a proven A&D procurement process leader, Adaptive CDRL™ automates your CDRL submissions tracking to the government. It’s trusted by Fortune 100 firms and the largest defense contractors to deliver and track CDRLs for U.S. DoD, Canadian DnD, and many other A&D organizations worldwide. Whether you manage thousands of contracts or build hundreds of aircrafts, only Adaptive CDRL adapts to how you do business.

Adaptive CDRL—Exactly What Defense and Aerospace Contractors Need

The adaptive solution, precisely configured to your business processes and customer needs.

Industry-leading CDRL management at a lower costand greater efficiency – with our Adaptive Workspace®.

Outstanding support from a firm known for doing right by our customers.

Reduced risks with a fully supported and proven solution, compared with in-house developmentor other vendors.

Accurately and easily track and assert IP rights for data – yours, suppliers’ and the government’s.

Streamlined communications with configurable views across customers and your programs, teams and departments.

Reduced contract and payment delays with a configurable view of deliverable and milestone status, including impending delays.

Reduced contract and payment delays with a configurable view of deliverable and milestone status, including impending delays.

Inhouse or Cloud based options allow for flexible and affordable use by any size of business.

Adaptive CDRL Management




The Lowest-Risk, Most Cost-Effective, Proven CDRL Management

"Adaptive Workspace® is cost-effective and precisely configured to our needs. We’ve increased data management and administrative efficiency six- to eight-fold, as we’ve reduced review time of submitted data by one-third. With Adaptive CDRL™ and SDRL Manager™, we’ve reduced customer delivery delays, risks and cost overruns. We’ve saved money on re-works, due to improved data review and distribution. We’ve even enhanced IP protection while ensuring compliance with FAR/DFAR/DCMA requirements – all with reduced administrative overhead."--Global Aerospace Industry Leader

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