Adaptive Workspace®: Unified Software Platform


Adaptive Workspace® (AWS) is a next generation smart technology that embraces processes as assets and directly enhances enterprise performance by driving operational efficiency and business agility at an affordable cost. AWS helps companies preserve capital, reduce risks, streamline processes and even transform businesses.

AWS is the single software you need to make all your business processes more efficient. With AWS, organizations have a single enterprise-class software that allows a breadth of capability that is not available in any other single software. Adaptive Workspace provides unified and fully integrated features and capability that are only available in multiple software packages from other vendors:

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    Why buy Information Management technologies in pieces?
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    With Adaptive Workspace, you have it all in one unified software platform configurable through business rules.

Business Process Management / Workflow
* Graphical Workflow Designer, parallel workflow, rules based routing, metrics, 20+ activity types and more.
* Context Sensitive Discussions, Subscriptions, Announcements, Calendars and more.
Enterprise Content Management
* Supports files of all types and sizes with no limits, Barcodes, Scanning, Email based Acquisition, Conversion to PDF, Document Compare (Black/Red Lining,) Zipped Files, Thumbnails and more.
Business Intelligence/Enterprise Performance Management
* Self service reporting, charts, excel reports, PDF reports, dashboards and more.
Document Generation and Publishing
* Auto-Generate formal letters, documents, excel spreadsheets and more.
Enterprise Forms Management
* Tabs, rich text fields, external data lookup, line items, rules and designer based configurations and more.
Portal Management
* Personalized views, access control, incorporate web sites, show any data and more.
Enterprise Document Scanning
* Large volume scanning with OCR, Barcodes, Import from PDF and more.
Document Format Conversion
* Convert documents to PDF and other formats including MS Word, MS Excel and more.
Business Object Management / Transactional Data Management
* Manage any data like SDRLs, CDRLs, Invoices, Tickets, Projects, Actions with Quick Editing, Excel like Editing and more.
Productivity Tools and Technology Support
* Integrates with IBM P8, MS SharePoint, Documentum, SAP and almost any other system even with Mainframes
* Works with Smart Phones, Multi-Function Printers, Microsoft Office and more.


In today's fast-paced and ever-changing markets, organizations need to improve their agility and respond efficiently and effectively to change.

AWS is used to bring together teams, departments, and organizations to easily share information across traditional organizational and technology boundaries. AWS helps organizations create targeted applications. AWS helps organizations increase efficiency and productivity, reduce administrative burdens, track progress, predict bottlenecks, and manage compliance.