Adaptive Workspace®: Smart Technology


Adaptive Workspace® (AWS) is a next generation smart technology that allows creation of highly tailored process automation applications without having to write code. AWS applications are modified using smart rules and options to create personalized and targeted applications that meet the needs of almost all business processes. This in turn leads to applications that are supported under typical software support.

AWS applications are tailored to the needs of a customer or business process without modifying software code. To clearly appreciate this approach, consider the difference in image and picture editing technologies of 20 years ago and today. To remove “red-eye” from a photograph, you had to go to special shops and have experts physically modify the photograph or film. Today, even a 5th grader can be proficient at using picture editing software to remove a red-eye and simultaneously make other modifications to the picture.

Old Technology Example
  • Old Technology Example
    Tailoring and Customizing software using code is like using film based camera.
  • New Technology and AWS
    With Adaptive Workspace, We tailor software with business rules, configurations and flow diagrams just like digital imaging.


Unlike AWS, the common practice among most Software vendors and consultants is to modify software code to implement changes for a specific customer. Modifying software code exponentially increases the cost and risk of problems with the application. The person modifying the software code must have knowledge of various technical details applicable to the system. Costs rise since higher levels of expertise, supervision, testing, quality assurance and support are required. In all cases, modified software is not supported by the Application or Software Vendor, leading to additional costs to maintain the modified software.

AWS utilizes smart rules based upon Artificial Intelligence technology to configure applications. These rules are version controlled so that changes can be tracked and rolled back as necessary. The AWS smart rules can be created and modified with less technical expertise and more process expertise. Moreover, rules can be modified in hours, not weeks, and that
fosters better results since the changes can be evaluated quickly and alternative recommendations implemented.