Adaptive Workspace

Adaptive Workspace® (AWS) is a next generation Data Life Cycle Management technology. All Adaptive Applications are created using Adaptive Workspace. AWS intelligently orchestrates all aspects of a business process associated with the life cycle of business data. AWS is the only platform that excels in both transactional data management and process based data management. As an example, systems like Microsoft Sharepoint are good at Content Management Portals but do not support transactional data management. On the other hand, systems like MS Access and MS Dynamics are good at transactional data management applications but lack strong content management capabilities. The propriatary AWS technology was developed by AST to eliminate the gap between process, data, content and people. AWS technology incorporates the strength of more than 10 technologies in a single integrated software. In addition, Applications built using AWS are tailored to the needs of a customer or business process using configuration tools instead of custom software code.

Business Process Management and Orchestration


Smart Rules Based & Configuration Driven Application Development Smart Technology
* Reduces Development Cost by speeding up application development cycle through the use of rules instead of code
* Reduces Failures by allowing shorter and more frequent user testing reviews
* Better Configuration Management and Production Change Control

Unified Technology Platform Unified Platform
* Incorporates 10+ technologies that are built from ground up to work together
* Integrated Business Process and Approval Automation
* Transaction Data Management
* Streamlined Collaboration and Communications
* Integrated Rules Management
* Advance Content Management
* Self Service Business Intelligence, Dashboards, and Personalization
* Powerful Document Generation, Conversion and Publishing
* Flexible Electronic Forms
* Integrated Knowledge Management
* Dynamic Business Objects Management and Structured/Relational Data Management and Integration
* Comprehensive Web Portal Management and Integration
* Inherent Background Process Management
* Diverse Data and Content Acquisition and Integration (Database /Web services /Network /FTP /Smart Phones /Email /Fax)

Intelligent Data Security Intelligent Security
* Eliminate mistakes in manually securing data
* Rules, Data and Policy based information security
* Special ITAR/Export Control Management
* Manage Organizational Conflict of Interest Security (FAR/DFAR regulations)

Affordable Licensing for Everyone
* Server Based Licensing for large organizations
* Supports Cloud Computing and Virtualization
* Multiple Licensing and Renting options for companies of any size

Server Technology
* Built on Microsoft .NET Framework
* Fully XML based design and implementation
* Enterprise 2.0 Features
* Built for Microsoft 2008 Server Technology and Supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and DB2 Databases
* Works with MS Sharepoint, IBM P8, EMC Documentum, and other Content Management Systems
* Full HTML/HTTP/HTTPS Support
* Virtualization and Cloud Computing Ready
* Web Services Support
* Proven Multi-Tiered Architecture for DMZ Deployments
* AES/DES/SSL/MDAC5 secured system