Adaptive Workspace®: Intelligent Data Security

Adaptive Workspace® (AWS) is a next-generation smart technology that allows rapid creation of highly tailored process automation applications without having to write code. All the information kept in Adaptive Workspace is secured using an intelligent security technology that reduces mistakes in managing complex security rules.

Intelligent Data Security

In a typical Collaborative application, customers, suppliers and internal company users access information contained in various parts of the system. In typical systems, the overhead of managing data security increases as the amount and types of data stored in the system increases. This increases administrative costs of managing such systems while increasing the possibility of mistaken disclosure of sensitive information.

Adaptive Workspace provides intelligent rules based security in which the data added by a user is automatically secured depending upon the nature of information and predefined smart rules. This eliminates manual data security management. When combined with other data security options, AWS provides a protective shield against mistakes and intrusions.

Rules and Data based Intelligent Security
* Depending upon smart rules and content of data, AWS can determine proper security of data
Foreign National Access Management (Export Control / ITAR Regulations)
* Control which information is off-limits to Foreign Nationals and which may be accessible
Organizational Conflict of Interest Security (FAR and DFAR Regulations)
* Control whether users and organizations can have knowledge of each other while working in the same application even with the same data
* Maintain Suppliers and Customers in the organization model that best fit your needs
* Supports ERP System (e.g. SAP) based Supplier management to simplify administration
Enhanced Role based Data Security
* Utilize Roles to determine which users can perform which operations
Multi-Level Data and User Security Administration
* Allow Departments or Programs to manage their application security while allowing IT administrators to focus on high level user administration
Single Sign On Support
* Integrates with Active Directory, Netegrity Siteminder, and other SSO solutions
DMZ and Internet Deployment
* Multi Tier Deployment Configurations with proven DoD level Internet & DMZ deployments