Adaptive Applications

Adaptive Applications are packaged in a unique combination of software, licensing, support and consulting services to provide you with a 100% supported software that is affordable and tailored to your exact needs. Unlike all other software and consulting vendors, we support Adaptive Applications even after they have been tailored for you.

Look into Bright Future

All Adaptive Applications are powered by Adaptive Workspace® 2013 (AWS.) AWS provides a unique and unparallelled combination of Technology, Configuration Management and Administration to support all your applications.

Adaptive Applications are licensed under one of the two licensing models:
1. Application Licensing (Installs in your company network & supports unlimited users)
2. Application Renting (Available through cloud computing)

Application Tailoring
Adaptive Applications are tailored to address your exact needs by our Application Tailoring teams. Adaptive Applications are of two types:

1. Pre-Designed Applications - We offer many pre-designed applications that can simply and easily be configured for you at a very affordable cost. Some of the Pre-Designed Adaptive Applications are listed on this website. Please contact us if you need additional information or do not see an application you are looking for.

2. New Applications - We will build a new application for you using our unique agile methodology and Adaptive Workspace 2010 technology which allow us to deliver it quickly and exactly to your specifications at a very affordable cost.

Adaptive Applications are supported under one of the two support models:
1. Standard Application Support & Maintenance (We provide assistance when a software problem arises)
2. Premium Application Management (We help you manage your application so you do not need to hire or train an administrator)