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Aerospace & Defense contracting is a mission critical and sophisticated process. AST Aerospace (a division of Atlantic Software Technologies) provides full life cycle management of the information that derives the core processes in A&D Contracting processes. From DCMA/CPSR Compliance to Engineering Change Management, Adaptive Applications by AST Aerospace provide tailored applications that precisely fit the processes that your company has developed over many years to be successful. Adaptive Applications for Aerospace & Defense Contract Management were built to not only ensure that your critical processes are automated the way you want them to but also that those processes become more efficient as they are automated.

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We have been working with leaders in the A&D industry for more than a decade to help our customers better automate their process with leading edge technologies while reducing their dependencies on costly manual processes. Adaptive Applications have inherent support for Export Control, internet based data security, multi-level rules based automated security, latest collaboration, workflow and content management technologies and integration with best of breed software platforms and technologies.

Some of the proven Adaptive applications are listed below. If the application you want is not listed here, please feel free to contact us because we are certain we can help you create your application on Adaptive Workspace so that it enjoys the world class support provided by AST to Adaptive applications.

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