Adaptive Workspace®

...a single software you need to make all your business processes more efficient

Adaptive Workspace® (AWS) is a next generation Data Life Cycle Management technology. All Adaptive Applications are created using Adaptive Workspace®. AWS intelligently orchestrates all aspects of a business process associated with the life cycle of business data. AWS is the only platform that excels in both transactional data management and process based data management. As an example, systems like Microsoft Sharepoint are good at Content Management Portals but do not support transactional data management. On the other hand, systems like MS Access and MS Dynamics are good at transactional data management applications but lack strong content management capabilities. The proprietary AWS technology was developed by AST to eliminate the gap between process, data, content, and people. AWS technology incorporates the strength of more than 10 technologies in a single integrated software. In addition, Applications built using AWS are tailored to the needs of a customer or business process using configuration tools instead of custom software code.

Smart Rules Based & Configuration Driven Application Development

  • Reduces Development Cost by speeding up application development cycle through the use of rules instead of code
  • Reduces Failures by allowing shorter and more frequent user testing reviews
  • Better Configuration Management and Production Change Control

Adaptive Workspace® (AWS) is a next generation smart technology that allows creation of highly tailored process automation applications without having to write code.  AWS applications are modified using smart rules and options to create personalized and targeted applications that meet the needs of almost all business processes. This in turn leads to applications that are supported under typical software support.

AWS applications are tailored to the needs of a customer or business process without modifying software code. To clearly appreciate this approach, consider the difference in image and picture editing technologies of 20 years ago and today.  To remove “red-eye” from a photograph, you had to go to special shops and have experts physically modify the photograph or film. Today, even a 5th grader can be proficient at using picture editing software to remove a red-eye and simultaneously make other modifications to the picture.

With Adaptive Workspace®, we tailor software with business rules, configurations and flow diagrams just like digital imaging.

Unlike AWS, the common practice among most Software vendors and consultants is to modify software code to implement changes for a specific customer. Modifying software code exponentially increases the cost and risk of problems with the application. The person modifying the software code must have knowledge of various technical details applicable to the system. Costs rise since higher levels of expertise, supervision, testing, quality assurance and support are required. In all cases, modified software is not supported by the Application or Software Vendor, leading to additional costs to maintain the modified software.

AWS utilizes smart rules based upon Artificial Intelligence technology to configure applications. These rules are version controlled so that changes can be tracked and rolled back as necessary. The AWS smart rules can be created and modified with less technical expertise and more process expertise. Moreover, rules can be modified in hours, not weeks, and that
fosters better results since the changes can be evaluated quickly and alternative recommendations implemented.

Unified Technology Platform

AWS is the single software you need to make all your business processes more efficient. With AWS, organizations have a single enterprise-class software that allows a breadth of capability that is not available in any other single software. Adaptive Workspace provides unified and fully integrated features and capability that are only available in multiple software packages from other vendors:

Business Process Management / Workflow
* Graphical Workflow Designer, parallel workflow, rules based routing, metrics, 20+ activity types and more.

* Context Sensitive Discussions, Subscriptions, Announcements, Calendars and more.

Enterprise Content Management
* Supports files of all types and sizes with no limits, Barcodes, Scanning, Email based Acquisition, Conversion to PDF, Document Compare (Black/Red Lining,) Zipped Files, Thumbnails and more.

Business Intelligence/Enterprise Performance Management
* Self service reporting, charts, excel reports, PDF reports, dashboards and more.

Document Generation and Publishing
* Auto-Generate formal letters, documents, excel spreadsheets and more.

Enterprise Forms Management
* Tabs, rich text fields, external data lookup, line items, rules and designer based configurations and more.

Portal Management
* Personalized views, access control, incorporate web sites, show any data and more.

Enterprise Document Scanning
* Large volume scanning with OCR, Barcodes, Import from PDF and more.

Document Format Conversion
* Convert documents to PDF and other formats including MS Word, MS Excel and more.

Business Object Management / Transactional Data Management
* Manage any data like SDRLs, CDRLs, Invoices, Tickets, Projects, Actions with Quick Editing, Excel like Editing and more.

Productivity Tools and Technology Support
* Integrates with IBM P8, MS SharePoint, Documentum, SAP and almost any other system even with Mainframes
* Works with Smart Phones, Multi-Function Printers, Microsoft Office and more.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing markets, organizations need to improve their agility and respond efficiently and effectively to change.

AWS is used to bring together teams, departments, and organizations to easily share information across traditional organizational and technology boundaries. AWS helps organizations create targeted applications. AWS helps organizations increase efficiency and productivity, reduce administrative burdens, track progress, predict bottlenecks, and manage compliance.

Intelligent Data Security

In a typical Collaborative application, customers, suppliers and internal company users access information contained in various parts of the system. In typical systems, the overhead of managing data security increases as the amount and types of data stored in the system increases. This increases administrative costs of managing such systems while increasing the possibility of mistaken disclosure of sensitive information.

Adaptive Workspace provides intelligent rules based security in which the data added by a user is automatically secured depending upon the nature of information and predefined smart rules. This eliminates manual data security management. When combined with other data security options, AWS provides a protective shield against mistakes and intrusions.

Rules and Data based Intelligent Security
* Depending upon smart rules and content of data, AWS can determine proper security of data
Foreign National Access Management (Export Control / ITAR Regulations)
* Control which information is off-limits to Foreign Nationals and which may be accessible
Organizational Conflict of Interest Security (FAR and DFAR Regulations)
* Control whether users and organizations can have knowledge of each other while working in the same application even with the same data
* Maintain Suppliers and Customers in the organization model that best fit your needs
* Supports ERP System (e.g. SAP) based Supplier management to simplify administration
Enhanced Role based Data Security
* Utilize Roles to determine which users can perform which operations
Multi-Level Data and User Security Administration
* Allow Departments or Programs to manage their application security while allowing IT administrators to focus on high level user administration
Single Sign On Support
* Integrates with Active Directory, Netegrity Siteminder, and other SSO solutions
DMZ and Internet Deployment
* Multi Tier Deployment Configurations with proven DoD level Internet & DMZ deployments

Affordable Licensing for Everyone

  • Server Based Licensing for large organizations
  • Supports Cloud Computing and Virtualization
  • Multiple Licensing and Renting options for companies of any size

Server Technology

  • Built on Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Fully XML based design and implementation
  • Enterprise 2.0 Features
  • Built for Widows Server Technology and Supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and DB2 Databases
  • Works with MS Sharepoint, IBM P8, EMC Documentum, and other Content Management Systems
  • Full HTML/HTTP/HTTPS Support
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing Ready
  • Web Services Support
  • Proven Multi-Tiered Architecture for DMZ Deployments
  • AES/DES/SSL/MDAC5 secured system