About us

About Us

Atlantic Software Technologies, Inc. is a boutique technology company that has been helping customers for more than a decade. We invent and integrate technologies to help our customers reduce costs and increase business efficiencies. Our products, technologies, and people help our customers bring people, systems, and processes together to create efficient and effective global solutions.

AST Aerospace (our Aerospace and Defense division) focuses on contract management, quality, and safety solutions. Our FAR/DFAR compliance solutions include DCMA/CPSR compliant procurement management, CDRL Management, SDRL Management, Program Management, Data Management and Change Management. In addition, AST Aerospace provides FAA Compliant SMS automation solutions for Aircraft operators across the globe.

We also provide leading edge solutions for regulatory compliance in the financial industry. Our flagship solution focuses on FINRA/SEC compliance by providing a Supervisory Control System for NASD Rule 3012.

We excel at providing customer service that even the largest software and consulting companies can only dream of. Our people and customers are our greatest assets and we strive to build long term relationships with them. We partner with best of breed technology companies to provide exactly what our customers need. Our products are easily configurable and reduce consulting costs and increase the agility of our response to customers’ specific needs. Our people are experts at helping customers choose the right technologies and solutions to automate business processes and systems.

What’s Adaptive?

Adaptive is our philosophy. Not only does it describe our software solutions; It’s how we do business. Our customer-first culture means we build to the evolving needs of your current and future organizational and process demands. We stand behind and fully support our products. They’re built to last so you’ll achieve optimal efficiency, manageability, and ROI for many years into the future.

We deliver unprecedented efficiency, process improvement, and cost saving because of Adaptive Workspace®. The platform is our proprietary, forward thinking data life cycle management technology. It enables our solutions to adapt to your most complex business processes, including future changes in government regulations and the global business environment. And all of this is tailored to your needs and business process – without custom software code. With our team and Adaptive Workspace® platform, you’ll get dramatically improved customization, stellar consulting, and cost-effective solutions that deliver efficiency, meet regulatory and compliance requirements, and achieve ongoing process breakthroughs well into the future.

Configuration means better, quicker results

The common practice among software vendors and consultants is to make changes by modifying software code. But this exponentially increases the cost and risk of problems with the application. In many cases, modified software is not supported by the Application or Software Vendor, leading to additional costs to maintain the modified software. But we are uncommon. We’re adaptive.
Adaptive Workspace® is a smart rules based platform which gives us the flexibility to configure applications to your specifications, without custom coding. These rules are version controlled so that changes can be tracked and rolled back as necessary. The AWS smart rules can be created and modified quickly by our technical and process experts. Rules can be modified in hours, not weeks. This means better results since changes can be evaluated quickly and alternative recommendations implemented.
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When Secure is not an Option

Adaptive Workspace® uses an intelligent, rules based security technology that reduces mistakes in managing complex security rules. In a typical collaborative application, customers, suppliers and internal company users access information. The difficulty, margin for error, and cost of managing data security increases with the amount and types of data.

With Adaptive Workspace®, data added by a user is automatically secured based on the type of information and predefined smart rules, eliminating manual data security management. Here are some of the features:

  • Foreign national access management control/export control/ITAR regulations)—Determines which information can be accessible to foreign nationals.
  • Organizational conflict of interest security (FAR and DFAR Regulations)—Control whether users and organizations can have knowledge of each other while working in the same application even with the same data.
  • Enhanced Role based Data Security ensures users only have access to the data they need, and not to restricted or proprietary data.
  • Multi-level data and user security administration allows departments and programs to manage application security while allowing IT administrators to focus on high level user administration.
  • Single sign on support integrates with Active Directory, Netegrity, Siteminder, and other SSO solutions.
  • DMZ and Internet deployment—Multi tier deployment configurations with proven Department of Defense level Internet and DMZ deployments.


10+ technologies = single integrated software

Adaptive Workspace® intelligently orchestrates all aspects of a business process associated with the life cycle of business data. It’s the only platform that excels in both transactional data management and process based data management. For example, systems like Microsoft SharePoint® are good at content management portals but don’t support transactional data management. Systems like Microsoft Access and Dynamics are good at transactional data management applications, but lack strong content management capabilities. Adaptive Workspace® eliminates the gap between process, data, content, and people. It incorporates the strength of more than 10 technologies into a single integrated software.

Why the Adaptive Animals?

Like the animals we highlight, our customers have a wide range of unique and complex situations, and challenging environments in which they operate.  AST’s experienced team helps customers streamline and automate processes in a way that adapts to these environments allowing for simplified, cost effective solutions that can be tailored to specific organizational, departmental, security, and end user needs.  The animal’s we’ve selected have developed special adaptations that help them to be successful in spite of the unique challenges presented by their habitats.  One of the unique features of AST’s solutions is the ability to be adapted to almost any scenario in your business environment with application configurations that don’t require custom coding.


More Adaptive Benefits

What does Adaptive mean to you? If you’re an AST customer or partner, it means a lot! Our Adaptive products deliver:

  • Precise current and evolving requirements. Software alone doesn’t solve complex enterprise level problems. It’s in understanding and configuring it to your needs where the value is realized. We not only tailor applications to your unique requirements at initial implementation – but also as your supply chain changes over time.
  • Quick and cost effective configuration instead of custom coding.
  • Unique ability to manage complex problems. This is critical, because it’s the exceptions in your business that pose the greatest challenges to your process.
  • Fully supported software through its lifecycle. Also core to our philosophy is that your software should be supported throughout its full lifecycle. We believe enterprises should invest their money to further improve their processes, and use software to help, versus ongoing spending on customizing software.
  • Cost effective solutions because you only pay for what you need, not extraneous features that you don’t use. 
  • Maximized success ratios by allowing shorter and more frequent user testing reviews with smart rules based and configuration driven application development.
  • Industry-leading security meets stringent requirements, including those from FINRA, SEC, NASD and NYSE, and the DoD, and is it’s permitted inside the DMZ.